20170922 Stopped by Renegade Unleashed

Had a great time down in Colony, TX.  Caught up with friends and enjoyed the scenery.  Probably one of there best and underrated meets in the DFW area.  As of late, this meet get around to 60-80 deep.  Doing a little math, this past meet has recieved just under 500 cars making it one of the biggest weekly meets in the nation.  ALOT of diverse and fast cars.  Yuri Pops in with his TT Lambo, SCW  drops a showcase of a lot of JDM cars that just came in for sale.  Showcasing a lot of GTR and Skyline love, as well as some other jdm rare cares you don’t see everyday.  This is to include a lot of other rare and supercars you see at every good meet.  Vieldslide Kit NSX, SRT’s, and lots of car clubs showing what it takes to take a home a trophy.  We look forward to seeing this meet grow and not getting unwanted attention. Usually it’s people ruin it for others by white smoking or revving.  Most of the poeple kept to the rules and it’s always nice to come back another week for another edition.  this is JVW signing out!

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