20180106 RWB DALLAS

Barely Caught Nakai San out here but finally got to meet him. well Wilco met him too. I only got to take a couple pics because the cops broke it up fairly quick. Apparently the huge crowd shut it down pretty fast.  I really wish I knew he was going to be there sooner.  It was a dream come true.  His work is unparalleled.  Incase you do not know he makes all kits by hand.  No kit is the same as every porsche even by number is different in bodystyle, lines, and curves on a vehicle.  Plus each kit is thought up as depending on the driver and the terrain.  I had a last minute flyer sent out to debut at Summit Racing.  At the time when misfits asked them for permission they told Summit about 30 cars would only be there…but to a true fan of understatement they blew out the parking lot instead.  Hence the cops coming in a rush to shut it down.  Anyways Enjoy!  A hell of way to start off the year.

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